A town called Iradesc

Today I'm walking through,

A town called Iradesc

It's houses are all purple,

and it's streets are paved with shoes


The people here are freindly,

as they trudge along their day

climbing over hobnail boots,

tripping over the occasional shoelace.


But there is something strange,

About this town, called Iradesc

The glow that starts at sunset

And lingers on ‘til morn


It’s strange, and almost green

And comes from all around

And the evening brings an oddness

To the people of the town


One chap had grown a new ear,

Just above his nose,

And one, a new moustache,

Was sprouting from his toes


A lady with a trumpet

Was croaking like a frog,

And a strange little girl

Was barking, at a dog


I think I’ll leave this place behind

With it’s strange behaviour

I don’t know if it’s nuclear

Or just a town call Iradesc

The End

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