Love or Life

"In love or life I'll take my stand;

Let me fall or grab my hand."

Closer to the edge I come, bearing my heart,

Holding it to the storm, only wanting love from the start.

I take gentle steps over the soft grass beneath my feet;

Compared to you, a trip off the cliff would be a treat.

The blades stab my toes with prickly fingers,

And yet the word you screamed still lingers.

I can hear it now, the ocean's roar,

It didn't sound so beautiful before.

To choose life would be to raze my foundation,

When I have no place left in this nation.

The edge, right there, all I have to face

To end your never-ending, twisted chase.

I said goodbye, barely whispered in your ear,

And yet, you refused, even as my end drew near.

On the wind a shout was heard throughout

Going on, saying something about:

"In love and life I am unwanted,

Now you will be forever haunted."

The End

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