I sit in silence, holding dowm

Stacks and piles of text-covered mounds

People around me, they come and go

I watch them, really, it's a most excellant show


The Janitor, Ed, is a talented singer

Singing old hits of broadway over bottles of Cleaner

But nobody knows what a star he could be

Nobody sits in the office but me


The young secretary, quite sweet and quite pretty

And the boss, with his hair grey and thin on his head

Are sort of together, they flirt with eachother

Each hoping that they'll  get the other in bed


Tom fills out papers, and handles the staplers

But when nobody's looking he doodles instead

Strange creatures, small flowers, he dreams of the life

He could have led, as an artist, but his hopes, now, are dead


And I see it all

All the life, love and hate

As I sit in silence

A mere paperweight

The End

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