Sorry, I Forgot Myself

This has been happening a lot lately

Too many things to do, not enough time

Too many things to remember,

And I almost forgot myself. 


The phone won't stop ringing,

I should stop being so nice.

I should learn to say no, and then apologize,

"Sorry, I forgot myself."


Maybe I should yell at him,

Tell him he's selfish, arrogant, and needy;

All that I really think of him, then say,

"Sorry,  I forgot myself."


I should sleep in late on a week day,

Walk into class  at half past nine,

And when the teacher says, "You're late," reply,

"Sorry, I forgot myself."


But maybe it's in these moments,

That I'm actually remembering myself,

And I should make the same apology to the self I've been hiding,

"Sorry, I forgot myself."


The End

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