Pax Romana

"Pax Romana"
That's what they said.
"Donna nobis pacem"
Before they shot us dead.

Their arrows pierced our hearts,
Their swords cleaved flesh and bone.
They hacked us to a million parts,
And took was left for their own.

They called us all "barbarians"
And treated us like some sort of pest.
Forced our children into slavery
And raped and killed the rest.

With their togas and laurel wreaths,
Their "sophisticated" empire.
They tried to make us like them,
And tossed our ways to the fire.

Britons, Greeks, Gauls, Jews,
We fought to defend our homes.
But our bravery was not enough,
Now our battlecries are nought but groans.

"Pax Romana" they told us,
A world of joy and trust.
Well, from we're we're sitting,
It doesn't look like peace to us.

The End

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