Lucy Von Adelboure, Census Taker, at Your Service.

Don't think of me as just another nuisance.

Don't think of me as just another worker.

Don't think of me so easily,

As if I didn't care

As if the pen a bare can't write words

Don't think of me like that.

I don't knock on your door with those intentions.

I don't ask you questions that you don't want mentioned.

And if I do, forgive me.

I'm not just Lucy anymore

Just in case you used to know me.

And I don't count the cows or crows.

They don't represent anything in the snapshot of this land.

Of your life.

But think of me as something more.

As someone who cares

Even if it's not so.

Think more of me when I say these words:

Lucy Von Adelboure, census taker, at your service.

The End

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