How to Eat Spaghetti

I tried to teach a Yetti
with a culinary flair
precisely how to eat spaghetti
but he didn't really care

He first appeared intrigued
when I had brought it up
I was sure we had agreed
as we both had clinked our cup

So I set forth with a spoon
and a fork so I could twirl
and like a pasta cocoon
the strands began to furl

I was sure that I had heard
the noise of smacking lips
but found it most absurd
a pool of saliva drips

Which I followed up to see
my furry friend from way down south
had just stuffed,  bon apetit',
half a penguin down his mouth

But bless his widdle Yetti heart
employing massive torque
had learned the lesson from the start
by twisting the penguin around a fork

The End

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