My Untold Love

My heart, it mostly pitters
But it patters now and then
And when it pitter-patters
Then I am in love yet once again

Normally I am a wordsmith
Complete control of what I say
But love knows how to scramble
My-thought-words-told-I-say (ermm)

She worked the counter at Dairy Queen
In a cute little paper hat
I met my friends in front of there
For a dipped cone and a chat

But when my eyes had met hers
A lump grew in my throat
Sweat broke out profusely
And my eyes began to bloat

I shook like Katherine Hepburn
My knees knocked to a beat
Then I began to hiccup
As urine pooled at my feet

I pushed in front of the orderly line
While scattering all my quarters
Apparently then I contracted tourettes
As I  screamed obscenities with my order

My face had turned a fiery red
As I tried to give her a smile
Instead I managed a maniacal sneer
As my lips kept oozing bile

I shan't recount the flatuance
But to say it caused me shame
Even as I sucker-punched her
I swear that love is to blame

My friends then wisely carried me off
As I pushed and I kicked and shoved
I thought how I never even had the chance
To tell of my untold love

The End

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