I'm tired of using Technology.

My clock is blinking because the power went out,
My watch battery's dead, or just about,
My computer's overworked and having a pout,
I'm tired of using technology.

My car alarm's broken, my transmission's spent,
I haven't a clue where my antenna went,
My car drives like a crippled elephant,
I'm tired of using technology.

My TV is is busted, or else it really likes static,
My phone's decomposing up in my attic,
My living room lights have become much more dramatic,
I'm tired of using technology.

My fridge is leaking all over the floor,
My microwave appears to be at death's door,
My stove simply doesn't want to cook anymore,
I'm tired of using technology.

Oh I'm tired of using technology,
Whatever happened to good old biology?
All my machines just seem to hate me,
They've all gone on strike or broken down lately.

So I'm just gonna toss 'em and help out the ecology,
Because I'm so bloody tired of using technology.

The End

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