Semiquavers vs Hemidemisemiquavers

In the battle of semiquavers
And the fellow hemidemisemi quavers,
I have to say that I quiver,
Whenever i see one of those
Hemidemisemi quavers.

Because, the semiquavers,
Are so very nice to play,
On the piano.
But my teacher,
is never satisfied
With my hemidemisemiquavers.

"It's way too long!"
She screams,
When I dare to try,
And I quiver,
My liver,
Freezes with the thought,
Of how short it must be,
A Hemidemisemiquaver.

And so, I cast my vote,
To my lovely semiquavers
Because they don't make me quiver
As much as those evil,

The End

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