Piccadily Pickle Dues!

I walk the beaches

White with sand

I stand alone

Hold no one's hand


People gather 'round me

In ones and twos

I strum my guitar

Play the blues


They toss me coins

That catch the hues

So I can pay

My pickle dues


Standin' on a hillside

Feelin' silly

So I open up and sing

Some crazy piccadilly


Don't care if they stare

Long as I've got air

I'll pay my piccadilly

My pickle dues


And I sing red

To the sun that sets

And I sing blue

To the water so wet


And I sing pickle

To them folk so fickle

They don't understand

I'm living off the land


I owe nothing to no one

All I've got to do

Is pay my piccadilly


I'll sing piccadilly


Yeah, pay my piccadilly

My pickle dues

The End

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