With a swish of the blade
My arm had been struck
Sprawled to the floor
Running fast out of luck

The knight had a vengance
and a vendetta to pay
Still it was tricky for Mickey to stick me that way.

"Arise" he commanded
and held out his hand
I obliged this young warrior
and proceeded to stand

So again we crossed swords
intent on dueling today
As Mickey had wickedly flicked me my blade

Our source of agression
that had now come to blows
if thou think it a woman
you'd be right on the nose

A shared love for a maiden
whom we both had declared
and seeing Mickey's new hickey and quickly I flared

A strike to his good leg
I laughed as he winced
with intertwined swords
he gave my nose a hard pinch

My eyes only see red now
as my imagination streams
of Mickey and Vicky's icky quickie love scenes.

"Thou shalt giveth your soul ...
for the pain you hath brung"
his response to my words
were simply "git 'er' done."

How can such a fair maiden
cause our strong bond to uncurl
I said "Mickey she picked me" yet he nicked me my girl

He then laid down his piece
as he gazed upon me
"Our devotion is to King ..
which takes precedence over she"

He was right and I knew it
though the situation will be
sticky for Mickey and strictly prickly for me

We decided for health
to give up this love
and instead to talk sports
with a pint at the pub

When Mickey told Vicky
she got sickly and ran
and it ticked me when Vicky
wed Ricky's old man

But now me and Mickey
we're more picky, but old
besides, if Mickey had licked me
this tale would ne'er been told


the end


footnote: slang: "licked me" - beaten, won the sword fight


The End

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