Small Town Blues

No excitement here, no, nothing
The eve's silence broken by coughing
I need something to happen soon
I say as I sit neath the moon

This town is too small, too quiet
The silence by some, is admired
But it needs a little wake up call
And the boredem then will fall

This sleepy little town, in it's sleepy little way
Will sleep right through the whole of the day
We need to wake it up so soon
I say as I sit neath the moon

This small little town with it's pretty lights winking
Has stopped my city of thoughts from thinking
It needs to wake up to the world outside
Because, no longer can it hide

This town needs something to wake it up
This town needs excitement to blow up
I will wake it up, I'll light the fuse
Cause this, is my small town blues

The End

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