Chase the Wind, Play with Fire

A protected child, one might say
Always a watchful eye at bay
This small lad though barely ten
Pondered when life would begin

Growing up; staring out the window
Bundling up for cold deep snow
Nothing ventured, nothing gained
At the cost of safety sustained

Then the summer came along
Vacationing at his Grand folk's home
Long night talks at his Grandpa's side
He told him how he felt, then cried.

Grandpa, being a wise old man
Lifted his chin with his wrinkled hand
Looked that lad right in the eyes
His advice was quite a surprise

"Wrestle life as if a bear
Face your fears without a care
Walk your path while on a tightwire
Chase the wind, Play with fire"

Chase the wind, Play with fire
These words invoked a hidden desire
He would embrace them starting now
And laid awake whilst planning how

That next morning, he gave it a try
Started a fire in a field too dry
The wind kicked up and spread it fast
"Screw this" he said as he hauled ass.

The End

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