Fade to Gray

He would leap from his bed in the morning,
His soul the color of the sun.
He would laugh freely and without warning,
And slip from the house at a run.

A heartfelt greeting he shared with us all,
The same smile for both rich and poor;
No matter what ailed the weak and the small,
His shining presence was the cure.

But a day spent chained to a cubicle,
Earning money to pay the bills,
Would color his soul like an icicle,
And send friends running for the hills.

We knew he didn’t mean a word he said,
But they would cut us all the same.
He would return home with a pounding head,
Barely remembering his name.

Alone he ate his microwave dinner,
With scotch to sanitize his day;
He watched TV and wished he was thinner,
And his sad soul would fade to gray.

The End

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