Hillbilly Love Song

You're my  hand-me-down hightops

With the scuffed toes and frayed laces


You're my foundation, my anchor

In a sea of unfamiliar faces


You're no angel

But you don't pretend

You're no angel

But you're still a friend


All the days lying on your front porch

Baking in the sun

Faces red, feeling scorched

Laughing, having fun.

All the moments over time

They add up to years

The years of yours and mine

They shouldn't end in tears.


I haven't  spoken to you at all

 I haven't seen you

Since I moved to the city

I was thinking, I should've called,

I always mean to,

But life gets busy.

I put on my pumps

And the sneakers die in my closet

I get lost in the storm

No anchor to hold me down,

to pause this


I've missed you all along.

I love you, and I was wrong

I want to come home where I belong

I want you to be my hillbilly love song.

The End

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