Up the Chimney, Down the Drain

Up I went into the sky,
through the chimney so up high,
but my heart stayed down low,
as the world fell down below.

I dropped my heart into the drain,
never will I see it again,
up and up I went instead
I even almost bumped my head.

Floating amidst all the soot,
I almost nearly dirtied my suit,
but then again I keep my eyes down,
to the forgotten dirty ground.

and up
went my soul--
and deeper
my heart went down the hole.

I travel through the darkness, 
this chimney is harmless,
but the drain pulls me back
its wanting a weak attack.

So I float up high alone,
for my sins I can't atone,
but the drain knows me well,
it knows what I'm afraid to tell. 

The End

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