The Seventh Bell


I hear a shining chiming

from a little golden bell

I can't see it but I hear it

summoning me back to hell.


I stretch my blackened wings

raising them high above my head

Leaving land of living

Returning to world of dead


I do not mind

for there is a stillness there

but still I leave a love behind

Causing my heart to painfully tear


Beelzebub assures me he will come down

for he is the sinning kind

I am selfish because I must admit

our destiny's are more than just intertwined


Another shrilly shrieking peal

I hurry now, all flapping flutter

Never make the master wait

Never make the highness stutter


I'll wait for him beneath the world

Suffering and stifling and silent

and as I wait the heat rises

as my love grows ever violent


I shall sit down here below

I shall continue this fraud; facade

but my love will never fade

for my - yes, my- flawed broad God.

The End

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