The Legend of Clara

The legend of Clara
as told by a pair of
maladjusted clowns

In face painted white
a true child's fright
who recently were making the rounds
The circus went dark
and the animals were parked
one night as we happened by

Two figures appeared
as we squinted and leered
one laughed while the other one cried
Introductions arranged
a little seltzer exchanged
as they tumbled about their trailer

We had heard of these two
of both Jocko and Bloo
as clowns, the pinnicle of failure
Yet on our invitation
with clown contemplation
they agreed to meet up to tell

Of Clara the queen
a legend supreme
and her slow descent into hell
We met up in the park
long after dark
and waited there for our guests

They arrived in full gear
wigs, make up and beer
shaving cream accented their breasts
"So is it all true?"
I blankly asked Bloo
"Was the story of Clara for real?"

Bloo looked right at Jocko
who had just finished a taco
and started with "Ok, here's the deal.."
"Clara was born
with a unicorn horn
in the summer of sixty three"

"She could read peoples thoughts
while escaping from knots
all the time being submerged in tea"
"She could levitate cows
with stolen hotel towels
by waving them to and fro"

"And when they came down
would purposely crush a poor clown
which was always the hit of the show."
"She was the greatest attraction
and brought satisfaction
to royalty and commoners alike"

"But the horn on her head
would occasionally turn red
and that's when her fame took a strike"
"Her tricks became cruel
causing harm to some fool
until one night it all came to a head"

"She had ignited a horse
through sheer mental force
and thats when her unicorn horn bled"
"With a shreik and a stir"
a voice had occurred
it was menacing loud and deep"

"'Clara' it said
'It is you that is dead
and it's time for the reaper to reap'"
"A hush fell over the crowd
but the voice remained loud
as Clara began to convulse"

"You never were born
as that unicorn horn
directly severed your pulse"
"Clara lit up bright green
started splitting at the seam
and shouted her famous last quote"

" 'History shall honor
this psychic horned bomber
as the legend of Clara LeBeau' "
" 'Everytime a cow flies
or a flaming horse dies
or a clown gets crushed like a grape' "

" 'These everyday events
under all circus tents
shall be where my legacy will drape' "
"With a deep demon chuckle
Clara fell forth and buckled
and dissipated in a red cloud of smoke"

"And those are the facts
how the world's greatest act
became the legend of Clara LeBeau"
We got up and walked
though they continued to talk
not realizing that we had moved on

We asked ourselves then
if we could believe such a spin
or if it was all just a con
We weren't at all sure
about what we had just heard
and continued to mull it around

We concluded at end
not to believe our new friends
after all they're just effin clowns


The End

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