Close Ranks

They circled around, closing in

Aware of their perfection

Noticing his faults

That's why he was the victim


The attack began with taunts

Angry jeers

To draw tears

But he looked away

Determined to be brave


Then they went to spitting

Challenging and laughing

Because they knew

That he could not win

He was imperfect

He knew it too


Then one picked up a rock

And with an angry shout

Because he had no reaction

Struck him in the forearm

Drawing blood

Streaming across his pale skin


He struggled not to cry out

But slowly began, defeated

To wander towards home

Still he had no reaction

So one of them

Ran forward

And shoved him

Into the street


No one can tell

Exactly what happened

With the screech of wheels

Angry shouts

Despairing cries

A young boy's last breath


At the funeral

They all came

No longer perfect

But tagged with the shadows

Of what they had done

As they stared at the body

At rest in it's casket


Closing ranks

The End

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