The More the Merrier

The more the merrier

So stuff 'em in

One at a time

You know you can't win


Fill the main hall

And open the doors

Pour onto the lawn

In twos, three, and fours


People are talking

Screaming and joking

Eating and drinking

Dancing and twirling


Side conversations

Things forgotten to mention

They don't even look up

When you call for attention


Filling the trains

And moving out west

But that land is soon crowded

With laughter and zest


Soon they fill every crack

Every nook on the earth

But they keep reproducing

They keep giving birth


And then they fly out

In spaceships and shuttles

To populate mars

But they soon become huddled


Then on through the universe

Living on stars

A parent on pluto

A child on mars


The more the merrier

But the truth still lies bare

There are too many humans

That don't even care

The End

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