An Old Radio On the Floor

She'd packed everything up the day before

Forgetting just the radio there on floor


She'd packed up her heart a long time ago

Locked it away somewhere it wouldn't show


Her heart, it lives in an attic somewhere

Beating strong like a song on community air


It remembers how to love, how to lie on the beach,

It remembers the music lying just out of reach


She feels it sometimes like a phantom limb

Music brings it to life when the air starts to swim


After all, it must be more than just the alcohol

Dissolving, destroying her sanctified walls


The music plays on, it plays everywhere

It's breaking her up and she's running scared


She doesn't know where she could possibly hide

Now that her borders are breached, and the enemy's inside


She can't feel her way through this life anymore

She left her heart with her radio, lying on the floor

The End

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