The Supersonic Space Safari

Thirty ships of different sizes

A hundred men, the best, the wizest

And all of them declared on the more

"The vast of space we shall explore"


The speed of light

No matter, they broke it

They flew to Neptune

And spun in its orbit


Pluto they ignored

For it was so small

And on Jupiter they

Couldn't land at all


From Mars, so red

They brought bags full of dust

And just as their ships

Were beginning to rust


Cried the Captain

"The Solar System

We've entirely seen

"Why not go beyond it

What say to it, team?


We could explore worlds

Paralell to our own

And make fine discoveries

Before we go home!"


To this his whole crew

Readily agreed

And so they were off

At Super-sonic Light Speed


And explore other worlds

They did so, indeed

Stars that were shining

Brighter than the sun


Planets that were old

And planets that were young

But just before the exploration

Reached its end


They spun into a deep black hole

And were never seen again

The End

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