Tom Sawyer, My Wonderful Chap!

Tom Sawyer, my wonderful chap,
Wearing your typical baggy straw hat.
There's a gap in your grin
Where a tooth ain't grown in
And a hole in your shirt,
Knees covered in dirt
And a good deal of mud on your face.

Tom Sawyer, my wonderful chap,
You're in yet another mishap
With your tongue spinning tales
Realism just pales
As you lie to your friends
To achieve your own ends.
You're a sneaky one, that is for sure.

Tom Sawyer, my wonderful chap,
You've just fallen in the bear trap.
When your stories fall through
And they learn they aren't true
You end up in deep trouble,
I bet that burst your bubble,
You wont' be able to sit down for a week!

The End

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