Force of Fate

She ran with such speed and angelic grace
That  her pale limbs were a flashing blur
An unfathomable expression on her beautiful face
Her eyes a shadow of what they once were

I stood silent a statue but not as still
That was only possible for the one I feared
Her her a flame as she poised for a kill
The impending doom, as her sweet voice leered

I knew it would not come to a fight
But I could not stand and watch them die
My features frozen with pain and fright
I decided I just had to try 

I remembered the stories, the words were so clear
I felt the guilt  just as the wife did
But that woman would kill the one I held dear
I felt the place where her silent heart hid

I could not help but feel some regret
That my life would end, but I would not wait
The time had come and he would forget
Whent I met my end by a force of fate



The End

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