A Security Company With a Reputation to Protect

Dressed in black

From front to back

Upon his toes

The robber rose


The window gleamed

It almost seemed

As though inviting him

To come in


A simple nudge

The glass gave way

And shattered, drifting

Across the floor


He had his hands

On a silver vase

When something beeped

Above the door


Soon there were sirens

By the dozen

Flashing lights

And angry voices


"You are surrounded,"

Cried the cheif of poliece

"You're under arrest

Come out here, theif!"


Said the robber

"I'm stealing nothing, I swear

And I have a good reason

For being here.


"I'm a secret agent

From Acme alarms

Sent out to see

If this one is damaged or harmed


Sorry I disturbed you

I just had to check--

My company has

A reputation to protect."


The End

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