The Eden Subterra and Other Bedtime Stories for Little Moles

"Mother, dear,"

Said little mole,

"I cannot sleep

Down in this hole.


"I am a creature

Born into this era

So tell me a story

Of the Eden Subterra."


His mother smiled.

"My dear,"

She began

"Far off in heaven

There is a land,"


"Called Eden Subterra

It's right under heaven

Where good little moles go.

"Do they get lots of presents?"

The little mole asked.


To this sudden question,

The mole's mother laughed.

"I'm sure that they do,"

And she stroked his brown head.


"Just lie there," she told him

"And I'll tuck you in."

But the little mole had

His own tales to spin.


After his mother had left him and gone

He slid off the bed he was lying upon

He crawled to the window and stared at the moon

Which suddenly filled him with shadow and gloom


"I wish," the mole murmured

"That I could go play

Outside in the grass in the night of the day."


But he couldn't, he knew that,

It was no use to weep

So our little mole friend

Just went back to sleep.

The End

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