Call of the Shadows

They whisper from the walls

I press my ear closer

Run my hands across their cold faces

They…he whispers again

Tempts me again

He tells me to fade into the walls

And answer the call of the shadows


In the pale daylight I can see the shadows float from the walls

I find myself knowing which one is his

The one that whispers louder than the rest

I slowly sink to the floor

I watch them all pass along the hardwood


I don’t know what they are

I sense no malice

But they show no face only form

My hand reaches out and caresses his dark shape


His hand beckons me near

He banishes the others into deepest brightest light

Soon it’s only us two lying on the floor

And I no longer wonder what he wants with me


I wonder if I can give it to him

When I can’t trust what I can not see

He whispers then

Tempts me again

What would become of me if I dare answer the call?


He forces himself out of the darkness

Out of 2D

But he still seems like an apparition

Slowly he circles me

Chasing my mind

It’s running in circles

Figure eights


I don’t want a declaration

A promise

I don’t need anything in writing

Slowly he nods his head

And whispers again

Whispers in his ethereal way “ Time”

Suddenly it all seems so simple

The End

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