I chopped of my breasts

Tore out my hair

Did whatever I could to keep your hands of off me

But they always creep up my back, slide underneath my clothes


And then I wake up…


The weights still on my body

Still holding me down

So I kick of the blankets

And walk around

See! I’m free!


I walk to the window

See couples walking, staggering after one too many

Here I am longing for that drunkness

But I don’t want that envy

No… I want peace

I want it to fly out of our rib cages like freed doves

Take to the wind and soar to someone elses heart


I sigh

With all the luck you’ve had why are you still so sad?

Why do you let the past chain you?

The keys dangling from your hand

And still you let it dangle

And lie in your bed stagnant

Stop talking to yourself people already think your messed up


I thought I told you to shut up!


I throw on jeans and a t-shirt

It’s an hour until last call

An hour of cat calls

I force myself to look around at the faces before me

I don’t want to take anyone home

I just want to find home





The End

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