Fairytale Nightmare


The darkness swollows up the sun and leaves nothing but a ring of fire

But a ring nonetheless

He shrinks it and entwines it around my finger

The fire of the sun is his promise

His declaration!

He would destroy the world itself just to have me

But what would you expect from a demon?


I slip it off my finger

And he says “ Would you rather have the moon?”

I laugh but it's too late the tides shift and shutter

Instead of burning my finger suddenly freezes

He slips the cold dark moon on my finger


I glare at him now

“ Perhaps the stars then?” He asks

I shake my head

All I ever really wanted was that stillness

The calm of just being one with the other one


He shakes his head then and says “ Now where’s the fun in that?”

I smile and close my eyes

“ Surprise me” I say

Slowly he takes me to the side

I open my eyes and see a window

Outside there's my driveway, my car

Everything typical


“ You see that drive way, it’s yours”

I frown

It always was mine

“ You see that fire hydrant it’s yours”

I frown again

“ You see that sky it’s yours, it’s all yours”

He conjures up a globe then

I’m starting to realize what he’s saying…


I’d laugh if he was kidding

They crowned me queen of the world that day

And I ruled it from my semi

Just for an afternoon anyway…

But I still call it mine

My world, my stars, my moon, my sun, my demon

From my kingdom…

From my semi I live happily ever after as the queen of the world

The End

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