No Better Than Dogs

Their wide eyes, peering at you,
Mocking and begging you too
Makes you wonder if they could easily
Be no better than dogs really.

Their promises of happiness increases
As your heart, its love, releases--
But what runs through their heads?
Their no better than dogs, they just want you in their beds.

You groom them; treat them with respect,
But you never thought your kindness they would reject,
Let's be honest here, you scoundrels,
You're no better than mongrels.

I feed you every day and night,
But instead of loving me, you start a fight;
I clean your clothes from off of the floor,
But instead you walk out the door.

Do I deserve to be treated like this?
Where is the promise you made me? Where is my bliss?
Maybe I should get a new pet, perhaps a cat,
At least they'll thank me for this and that.

You slobber when you see something you want,
You call me names when it's your turn to taunt;
Maybe I should let you sleep outside in the cold,
Maybe I should leave you with a blanket and pillow to hold.

Don't beg, don't plead; you brought this on yourself,
I can't depend on dogs, I only have myself,
Let's be honest. honey, pumpkin, sweetie; you're no better
Than dogs who sit on my front porch waiting for my invitation letter.

The End

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