To Bloom In The Winter

The trees that stand against the sky
All glisten with the frost
They seem to be a constant voice
Reminding me of what I've lost

The lonely branches, withered hands
Like the ones I turned away
I lost my heart those moons ago
 And for this I will pay

The faces stared with love and trust 
But all that I could do
Was give them one last sorry smile
For it was all I knew

I did not see that I could help
I could save their souls
That only I could end the pain
Brought in by the cold

They sat in lines, along the street
Their faces red and raw
They held out there fingers blue
The little children, always four

Heads with hair that hung in knots
Smiles with lips so dry
Their cheeks were red with biting winds
And frozen with the tears they cry 

They sat among the weeds and trash
Until they gave up late that night
And with one last sigh they lost their life 
They couldn't keep up the losing fight

Now all thats left of those children few
Is the place they used to be
And the flowers bloom in crimson waves
Their little reminder to the likes of me

And every year it is the same
When I see those lonely blooms
I could have been the one to help
But in my heart, I had no room

I had no time to see their faces
But now my crime has come back to me
And all that's left of my once hard soul
Is the ice that clings to the frosted tree 


The End

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