the Removal of Elsie

It was so long ago,
That my best friend moved away,
She was a witness to all my firsts,
But her parents let out friendship stray.

I always worried my thoughts were false.
But she was always yelling 'you'll see,
There's more than you think there to be',
Oh how I miss my Elsie!

The raindrops fell so heavy that day,
When you moved your heart from me,
The tulips in my garden turned gray
When their beauty Elsie would never see.

Her house, once colorful
With love's bright, lustrous frame,
Is now a shadow of a home
That only Elsie could ever tame.

Late nights we spent on my bed,
Talking of hopeless dreams,
But Elsie who would have thought
That your goodbye tears would run in streams.

Rose-petals on my window-sill,
Tell more stories than I could ever know,
You picking up a random rose
For me when broken hearts could never show.

Do your parents know the harm this has caused us?
To rip two friends apart,
Two promised sisters with flowers in their souls,
Did they not have a heart?

Elsie, you will always be the heart that never bloomed,
The bleeding of a flower that could never heal,
My best friend, my tear-drop, my daffodil affair;
Elsie you were removed from my heart--
The flower I'll always conceal.

The End

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