Blob the Pickled Onion

Blob the pickled onion
Had a short but eventful life
Full of wonderment and bravery
And a struggle with a knife.

Born inside a big glass jar
To Splodge and Thing-gummy
He was always very special
And everyone agreed.

For a start he was quite big
And was very clever too,
And, like no other onion,
Could think like me and you!

He realised his destiny
Was to be eaten by a man
And he plotted to escape
From his prison, if he can.

He plotted and he schemed
And forged his weapons bright,
A paperclip and some goggles
And parts of a filament light.

So he waited for the moment
When the dreaded man would come
To devour all he loved and knew
Then he would fight and run!

But, despite his brave intentions
And all his valient tries
Blob was unfortunately eaten
With Gran's best meat pies.

The End

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