In Which a Pirate Battles a Dinosaur

I seemed to have traveled in time,

To a place like no other,

The land of the Dinosaur,

Along with my mother,

She stays in the cave,

While I take a bottle of whisky and a bottle of rum,

Towards the dinosaur,

A dagger wrapped in my palm and my thumb,

My hat is balanced awkwardly on my head,

And my fat braided hair sways in the breeze,

When I charge towards the T-rex,

Then slowly fall to my knees,

Death covers me up,

Drowning me in darkness,

Because that T-rex bit me,

The T-rex that was heartless,

I tried to be brave,

But I spilt my rum and whisky,

Then someone came along,

Who looked like a pixie,

She charged at the dinosaur,

With all her might,

But she was too late,

Because I died that night.

The End

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