A Furry Face

It was my turn to pick one, finally

I had waited sixteen years;

I am one of the oldest, after all,

And my brohters had almost all gotten theirs


So, since the house is full of dogs,

One more couldn't really hurt

Besides, we adopted them all from the pound

And saving them was such a comfort


I wanted the brindle corgi,

because no one wanted her

But she wasn't housetrained, and,

My parents just weren't sure


But the man shrugged, and led me down

The aisle, to silent dog, all alone

It stared quietly at the floor,

And softly whined, and moaned


He was an ugly thing, and wouldn't look at me

His legs all stumped, and lacking grace,

But then he looked up, and I was caught,

By two deep brown eyes, in a furry face

The End

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