23 Things To Do Before You Die

For this I must count backwards from twenty-three;
For all my desires, I hope you all agree
That most of these are impossible
To attain, some are not even plausible:

23. I wish to sit and have brunch with J.K Rowling
22. I wish that I could take Sophie Kinsella bowling
21. I want to shake hands with Dan Brown
20. I want to wear an expensive gown
19. I wish to count all the stars in the sky
18. I wish to think of my dad without a tear in my eye
17. I want to have a life in bed reading
16. I want to stop being so lonely, so pleading
15. I wish to keep my trustworthy friends
14. I wish to, with my enemies, make amends
13. I want to have a kiss in the rain
12. I want to have a bubble-gum candy cane
11. I wish to travel all over Europe
10. I wish to have the strength to pull on a victory rope
9. I want to win an Oscar for a movie from my book
8. I want to catch a mermaid on my hook
7. I wish to own my own condo
6. I wish to be able to survive in this great mundo
5. I want to feel pleasure by being who I am
4. I want to know when someone is a sham
3. I wish to find a charming man who I can love
2. I wish to see the flight of the white dove
1. Before I die I want to have everything my heart wants, I wish to be everything that my past told me I couldn't be.

The End

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