If Only The World Really Revolved Around Me.

This world, so round with people,
If only it could be so simple;
But the truth is that it really can be a pain,
When your dreams are slain
By others who dream bigger,
Who, your life with their successes, stain.

But if this world were to revolve around me,
Then all my big dreams could be
Realized instead of being shut down,
Without any stares, without any frowns
I could become something
In this town.

If the world did a circle around me,
Then all my heart's desires I could see,
The love I have wouldn't be in vain,
My loveless life wouldn't be in bane,
I could find the one for me
If the path for me, in front of me, was lain.

If the world did a twirl around this soul,
I could easily reach my goal,
Of having a meaningful existence,
Without having so much resistance,
A peace for myself at last,
In a world were I can have a strong stance.

The End

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