If you aren't free-thinking you are submitting yourself to a lie.

When words seem to be your weapon,
It only makes sense that there is no reason,
You make mockery of diversity,
But surely that's the freedom for which you are fighting?
If you aren't free thinking, then what lies can be submitted?
No words are ours to keep, simply rearranged for our pleasure,
A regurgitated echo of our developers,
I don't believe in ritual,
I don't believe in God,
I don't believe in spectres, 
Or children's twisted fairy tales,
But when words are your only weapon,
I'd happily believe them all,
Because the world is so dull,
When it's wrapped away into a single flow of thought,
Free from the memory of others.
A lie is a little fun sometimes,
And never in fiction, can it hurt. 


The End

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