Now My Head Hurts Slightly

Fifty two days I lasted.

Not many people were sure

how it had happened.


I had money,

an easy job

and a lot of free time.

From outside you might think

that they are better things to do

with £400 a week,

but when the only people saying otherwise

are married, or divorced

or depressed or sitting at home

watching prime time television

or still believing in that man upstairs,

-who for the record was put there

by the same people that gave us

banking systems,

and the sickness behind American Presidencies.

It's all the same, no word of a lie-

well, you soon stop listening.

Do not think for a second

that I fight or rape or cry.

I drink and discuss

or muse over Bukowski.

Those fifty two days taught me a lot

about you, them and I,

but today is day fifty three.

I am shaking hard,

I can still see ants

that aren't there,

and christ!


But, to live...

to really exist among people

who aren't the direct products

of bile.

well sweetheart...

it's Priceless.

The End

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