I Farted Once, In Front Of The Queen!

I made a mistake in wearing a skirt,
When I went to visit the Queen in court,
The breeze was just right,
My bumcheeks were tight,
And I had to let out a noise,
Oh so light!

The jester, the king's men, the young princess too,
Looked as if I should go to the loo,
But the Queen turned quite pink,
I didn't know what to think,
So I bowed very gently,
And I ignored the stink.

The breeze took the smell,
And the King almost fell,
I tried to smile,
Forget all the while,
As I stared innocently,
At the floor tile.

A snicker was heard,
But no sound, not a word
Was let loose,
No one could forget if they could choose,
Then the Queen starting laughing,
All the surprised faces began pausing,
And I smiled up once more,
At the joke I was causing.

The End

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