In The Absence Of The Dungbeetle's Mother-In-Law

The human sat on the court chair,

Sniggering and sighing,

He knew this wasn't fair,

But the beetles weren't buying,

A beetle crawled over,

And attempted to be tall,

In his suit was a clover,

A four leafed one and all,

He shouted,

"In the absence of my mother-in-law,"

He paused and pouted,

"She is now in bed and very sore,"

"Why?" Asked the man,

The beetle sighed and sat,

"For you squished her with a pan!"

"It was a baseball bat!"

A beetle was brought in,

In a hospital bed,

She was very thin,

With a bump on her head,

"Woopsie," said the man,

"Yes very woopsie,"

"Put her in a can,"

"Oh we'll, see, we'll see,"

The End

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