Caddywompus, Madame. Caddy. Wompus.

So many things you can convey

All in just a single word

A word like 'Catawampus,' say,

But that just sounds absurd.

 Still, we know, I didn't just make it up;

It happens to be a real word,

Catawampus, Catawampus

It just sounds so absurd!


And what it means, is even stranger,

Positioned diagonally, askew, or awry,

But oh, how to use it in a sentence...

I never been brave enough to try!


And, silly Jet, he threw it about,

Used it all of the time!

When giving directions to strangers,

And they'd say, "Oh," "Yes," and "Fine, fine"

All the while, giving him blank stares

Until, one day, a woman asked

(In her Lexus she looked so stiff and pompous)

"Young man, what do you mean, 'caddy-wattle,"

"Catawompus, Madame! Caddy-wompus."

The End

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