They are deeply mental:
The believers of god,
the right wingers
and the left.
Those in search of a reputable career.
The racists,
the homophobes.
the gays and the blacks.
The leaders of this sick, dying world.
The followers of the monarchy,
the drivers of cars,
the adrenaline junkies,
the coke fiends,
and the alcoholics.
The happily married,
the monophobic partner hunters
and the speed daters.
Those who raise their country's flag
and those who burn the flags of other countries.
The ranters and the ravers,
the pet owners,
the pregnant,
the football followers,
the hooligans,
the inbred and their breeders,
the prostitutes,
the mothers and fathers.
The depressed,
the therapists,
the barmen,
the rapists,
the psychopaths,
the thieves,
the nursery school teachers
and me.

The End

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