The Horrifying Incident of the Spinach Noodles

I thought I'd seen it all,
From the tip of my nose to my big fat toes,
But only my mom knows
The remedy to make me tall.

I thought my mom would show me,
How to trust grown-ups,
How to leap from problem to problem with great big hops,
Not that Spinach noodles would make me as tall as could be.

I tried to hide under the table,
I hid it in my shoes,
I stuffed it in my dog's mouth to hide the clues,
But still, find the truth, my mom was able.

If you have been promised a way to grow up,
To be big and strong
And to the sky, grow so long,
I warn you right now, do not be fooled,
The Spinach noodles will be on top.

The End

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