All this inhumanity

Filling the people in this world

And we sit and accept it as the course of things

As the way time unfurled


What in the world is wrong with us,

That makes us follow fear and hate?

I don't understand where this comes from

And I don't understand why we wait


But then I always remember

The little hidden things

The story that makes me cry again

But because of the happiness it brings


And amongst all the anger,

The fear, the hate, and death

There's always something that gives hope

In humanity's gasping breaths


And in humanity, we will always find

Ourselves and whatever's within us

Inhumanity in humanity

Empathy, hate, love, lust


So maybe we can't see the beauty

For all the ugliness that we see

So we say the world's better without us

But maybe we're not as bad as we make us to be


In all of this inhumanity...

So this is the world, you say?

Well yeah, it has its problems

But I'll take it, anyway.

The End

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