Last Chance

So you gave me one more chance;

I guess this is what I wanted, after all,

But I cannot bring myself

To tear down this newly built wall


 I guess it's because I'm lazy

That's what you've always said;

So, I guess you were kind of right,

And it kind of stings, where I bled


And you know, now that I think about it,

I was less than I should have been,

And it all came crashing down on me,

Like all those soldiers made of tin


Like them, my arms are pinned to my side,

And I cannot lift my gun,

But, like you said, I did it to myself;

So in a way, you've sort of won


I sort of always knew you would,

And I sort of don't really care,

But at the same time, I kind of miss you,

And it's kind of more than my tin heart can bear


Still, in your warm, fiery heart,

You managed to find the space

To give me one last <i>final</i> chance,

To live again in the glow of our face


But my thick head, full of tin

Made me turn away,

And my cold stomach, made of tin

Kept the sick wave away


And my tin eyes never saw

The sadness in your dance,

And my tin fingers couldn't feel

The spring gone from your prance,

And my tin legs couldn't follow

Your steps, in my awful trance,

And my tin mouth couldn't accept

Your words - my last chance

The End

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