My mentor, I love you.

My mentor, I love you;

You taught me to fight

And when our swords didn't clash,

You taught me to write


So many of my sunny days were spent

Clashing steel on steel

And every time our two blades met,

They met with a violence we both could feel


And when we fought, we hated each other,

With a passion that burned dark and deep

And we tried to cut the other down,

With a loathing we sought to keep


But on the gray days, days of storm,

We had to stay inside

And looking out on soothing gray skies,

The black fire within us died


In its place, green things would grow,

As you showed me to hold the pen,

And encouraged my clumsy letters,

While flowers bloomed within


And so our moods would fluctuate;

We were calm on those rainy days

So we spent our time writing the storms away,

Or fighting under the sun's harsh rays

The End

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