Laugh With Me


If I could, I would stroll right up to a hugemungus

Angry, snarling lion and I’d smile.

Yeah, I’m just that happy.

And, tell you what, I’d go farther still.

I’d tell that fuming feline to get a grip

To loosen up, to try and laugh with me.

I would do that, if I could.

I’m just that happy.


And you know, right now, if I could

I’d go climb a mountain.

You think ‘big deal,’

But you’re wrong

Because it wouldn’t just be any old mountain,

It would be the oldest, tallest, star-scrapingest mountain

That ever tried to exist.

Then I’d tell a silly mountain goat

To get a grip and loosen up.

(Yes, I know that’s a contradiction

And the poor goat might get confused

But mountain goats are smarter than you think

And so no, he wouldn’t fall.)

Well, in any case, I’d climb right up to him

And demand ‘laugh with me’

And he’d laugh, too, if he could.

I’m just that happy.


And you aren’t going to believe this

But if I could, I’d walk right up to mean Ted Smork.

Yes, I do mean evil Ted Smork, that horrid boy

Who’s done some horrid things.

Well, if I could, I’d stand right up to him

And I’d say, ‘Ted—yes you,

Laugh with me!” And he’d laugh,

He would. I’m just that happy.

Or maybe he’d laugh anyways

And I wouldn’t be so happy anymore.


But I would do that, if I could,

Though I really don’t think I can.

Still, I’m quite a whole lot happy,

Yeah, I really am.

The End

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