“Tuesdays hate me

They are the bane

Of my existence

Causing me pain


I don’t understand

Why Tuesdays are

Out to get me

And Friday’s so far…


I have to suffer

Three more days

Before I am saved

By the late-morning rays


Of a slept-through morning

A morning well spent

And while Wednesday doesn’t bite

After Mondays dark hint


Tuesday comes on

With a vengeance most cruel

And rather ruins the rest

Of the weekdays’ pool


And oh, how I wish

It was Thursday or more

So these unexpected horrors

Would stop at the door


So I would be left on Wednesday

All cozy inside

But I don’t know what’s ahead

On this dreadful ride


And the surprises to come

Fill me with fear

I hate Tuesdays.”

“It’s Friday, Lyre.”

The End

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